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Abstract art | Egyptian Copper Repousse Metallic Art

Product ID : 504391

Item Description : Egyptian metal repousse art. Made of Copper plating.

Dimensions (customization available):

Where "L" for length, "W" for width, and "H" for height.

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Product Details:

This is a well-known piece of Terracotta art from Eastern India. For more information on this type of art, please click here.

This work of art is made of baked clay.

The colors seen in this image are the result of different firing style and no artificial paint or color has been added.

The product will be crafted by an artist upon order confirmation and will be shipped out within 7-10 days. Delivery is expected to take an additional 5 days.

*Please note that crafting time may vary depending on certain circumstances such as weather conditions.




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